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Insect repellent pvc bracelet impregnated with active ingredients of plant origin, for indoor and outdoor areas.

100days battery Memory candles

100 day memory candles, in red color, with styrofoam inside and battery changeable.

18pcs set porcelane plates

Set of 18 pieces of porcelain dishes consisting of 6 soup plates, 6 desserts and 6 regular ones in a beautiful gift package.

2 store dish dryer IVI

Two-storey dish rack made of durable plastic frame in a gift box.

2 store metallic dish dryer

Two-storey metal dish rack made of durable chrome-plated steel with plastic tray in gift box.

2 store Plastic dish dryer

Two-storey plastic dish rack of very good quality in a large display box.

2 store Plastic dish dryer RATAN

Two-storey rattan plastic plate holder of very good quality in a large display box.

3 pcs plastic hanger set STELA

Plastic hanger set of 3 pieces of heavy type for great durability in four different shades.

4H Tealight candle 50pcs

Tealight candles set of 50 pieces with four hours burning time, non-smoking.


Glass of water of exceptional quality in three different designs.

8h Tealight candle 25pcs

Tealight candles set of 25 pieces lasting 8 hours, non-smoking.

Air heater 2000w

2000 watt electric fan heater with intensity switch, heat and indicator light, very durable, ideal solution for small spaces.

Alulinum 2 shelves bath rack

Two-storey straight bathroom shelf, for storing 100% aluminum bathroom consumables.

Aluminum bailers

Metal scoops from 100% aluminum, very light and practical in the handle in 2 sizes.

Aluminum beach chair

Folding beach chair made of aluminum, with durable washable fabric, very light and practical.

Aluminum blinds 25mm

Aluminum shade blinds with 25mm blind with automatic height adjustment mechanism, include the ceiling / wall brackets, in 6 different dimensions.

Aluminum broomstick

Very durable aluminum vacuum cleaner pole is available with Greek fold.

Aluminum cloth dryer 10m. XENIA

Aluminum floor cloth dryer.Total spread area 10m.
No railings,to save space.

Aluminum cloth dryer 18m. FULL

Cloth dryer made entirely of aluminum.Floors with a 
total spread area of ​​18m.

aluminum corner bath rack

Corner shelf made of 100% aluminum, does not tarnish, excellent aesthetics in 3 different sizes of 2-3 and 4 floors.

Aluminum door hanger

Aluminum door hanger.Lightweight and in hanging nylon 

Aluminum duck tapes

Aluminum strips resistant to external weather conditions, available in silver, gold and brown (copper) color.

Aluminum glass cleaner

Aluminum wipers, with durable rubber, changeable head and easy adjustment to a pole.

Aluminum mop rod

Aluminum mop rod, very light, with slot for plastic mop head.