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Anti theft wooden hotel hangers

Wooden anti-theft hangers for hotels and rooms to let.

Bakery spatule wooden handle

Silicone spatula with practical wooden handle, in practical hanger package.

Trousers wooden hanger

Wooden hangers for pants ideal for professional use.

WOODEN bread box

Ξύλινη αρτοθήκη εξαιρετικής ποιότητας και μεγάλης χωρητικότητας με ενσωματωμένο ξύλο κοπής.

Wooden CLIPS hanger

Wooden hangers with side clips ideal for professional use.

WOODEN Door Hanger No6

Plastic door hanger in wooden appearance 6 places.


Classic wooden fans, very durable, available in 5 different colors. 

Wooden folding pergola

Wooden pergolas, very durable, ideal for garden decoration, in 5 dimensions.

Wooden Hanger 3pcs set SPASTI

Wooden hanger in a set of 3 pieces. Box of 40 pieces.

Wooden hanger coloured

Wooden hanger with color. Available in white, red and blue.

Wooden hanger set 3pcs

Wooden hanger set of three pieces with non-slip trousers in a box of 40 pieces.

Wooden outdoor broom

Broom with thick hair ideal for outdoor use, with wooden base.