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Baboo basket with HANDLE

Bamboo basket with handle and integrated fabric, of exceptional quality and aesthetics, in three shades.

Basket laundry BASKET

Laundry basket made of durable plastic in nice 
designs and colors.

Closet plastic basket

Plastic hanging basket basket, can be used both inside and outside the cabinet, very practical and durable, in various colors.

Dustbin SILVER

Unused perforated metal basket of unique design.

Dustbin SQUARE

Waste metal basket square perforated of unique design.

Fireplace wood basket

Fireplace metal basket large authenticity in weight and nice aesthetics.

Hanging metal basket

Metal hanging basket for many different uses in white.


Wicker basket with metal frame, very practical, for many different storage uses.

Laundry basket BAMBO OVAL set 3pcs

Laundry bamboo basket,oval,three pieces,with 
removable and washable fabric in three different 

Laundry basket DANEDELION

Plastic laundry basket with lid,large capacity in 
three colors.

Laundry basket set 2pcs BOX

Wooden laundry basket,knitted,2 pieces,with fabric 
lining inside,excellent quality available in dark 
brown honey and gray.

Laundry basket set 2pcs OVAL

Wooden laundry basket,oval,2 pieces,with fabric 
lining inside,excellent quality,available in dark 
brown,honey and gray.

Laundry basket YFASMA

Fabric laundry basket,with a very modern design in 
shades of brown,beige and gray.

Liquer Bottle basket

Bamboo drink basket very light with nice braid in 2 dimensions and three different colors.

Metallic Basket

Knitted metal basket, multi-purpose, very durable in black color.

Plastic Laundry bin BASKET

Plastic laundry basket with lid, imitation knitted, large capacity in two colors.

RATAN laundry basket

Plastic laundry basket with lid,large capacity in 
three colors.

WOODEN bread basket

Wooden bread basket in gray and white shade in 2 dimensions.