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Baboo cutting boards

Wooden bamboo placemats of exceptional quality in 2 dimensions.

Baboo sous-plats 4pcs/set

Bamboo placemats in a set of 4 pieces available in 4 shades.

Folding cutting board /Scoop

Plastic cutting placemat with folding sides, very practical, in 2 shades.

Plastic sous-plats ASTY

Plastic placemat of exceptional quality in six different shades.

Plastic sous-plats PLAISIO

Plastic placemat with a decorative frame in various shades.

PRINTED Cutting board

Plastic cutting placemat, antibacterial, in various 3D designs. In various dimensions.

Sous plats DIAFANO

Very economical placemat for everyday use, very easy to clean in many designs.

WHITE plastic cutting board

Plastering cutter of high durability plastic in three different dimensions.